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Memorial Weekend 2009
Mean and Ugly Ocoee & Upper Green

Photos and Videos

Broken Nose on the Middle Ocoee

Double Trouble on the Middle Ocoee

Witch Hole on the Middle Ocoee

Hell Hole on the Middle Ocoee

These photos were taken along the Middle Ocoee on Saturday. Sorry I did not take my camera down the Upper Ocoee Sunday so there are no photos of Alien Boof or the large waves.
Rhodo in bloom
Ocoee Dam/Put In

Preparing to ferry above Grumpy


Rick, Robert, and Brent

Below Grumpy Ledge

River guage

Andy, Wayne, and Ian


Andy surfing

Above Tablesaw

Hell Hole
The following photos are the Monday trip down the Upper Green.

Richard at Bayles' Boof

Leon at Bayles' Boof

Bayles Boof

Landing Bayles' Boof

Slide at Bayles' Boof

Boofing Bayles' Boof

Leon at Bayles' Boof

Richard boofing

Waterfall and wood

360 Practice below Bayless Boof on the Upper Green
Paddler: Richard Lind

Richard Lind's first surf of 360 Hole on the Upper Green

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