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Kayaking the Upper Green and Roll Practice

Article, photos, and video by FastFred Ruddock

Friday morning Randall and I ran the Upper Green in Henderson County, NC. The Upper has two class III+ rapids: Bayless Boof and Pinball. This was Randall's first descent of the Upper Green, first day using hand paddles and second day in a new boat. However he did quite well with just two minor swims.

Randall McCall at Bayless' Boof
Randall boofing Bayless' Boof
Video: Randall boofing Bayless

Low weekday traffic on Upper

Waterfall on Upper Green

Randall at nameless ledge

Green River 200ft below I-26
NOC Roll Workshop
Video: Bill at NOC Roll Clinic

Friday evening I participated in Green River Adventures' Roll Clinic at Fishtop. The evening was overcast and the water was cool making for a wearing event. Saturday morning I rode my motorcycle to NOC in Bryson City for a morning Roll Workshop. I found both clinics to be quite helpful. However I passed on paying $60 for a guided trip down the Nanty. I was a bit disappointed in paying a full day's rental fro a half day use of a kayak. Those considering the same might be wise to visit Wildwater instead for the most bang for the buck; they will let you enjoy the full day rental of a kayak and paddle the nanty.

I spent the remainder of my day riding my motorcycle to the Nantahala Cascades and beyond.

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