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Charlotte NCOM Convention 2007

Photos and articles by FastFred Ruddock

CBA/ABATE of NC hosted the National Coalition of Motorcyclists Convention in Charlotte. I met Roach near Columbia and we continued north on I-77 to Charlotte. Roach choose to wear a helmet though one clearly not DOT or FMVSS218 complaint; I chose not to wear a helmet on this trip into North Carolina. We arrived before 6:30 PM at the Hilton. It took us about an hour to find most of the other Biker Republic members present. Shortly after arriving I found that both Jessie and Sputnik had been following my recent articles opposing North Carolina's helmet law.

Jessie McDugald dropped a bomb shell Friday night. Jessie researched the North Carolina helmet law and determined that passengers may only be fined $10 and no court costs. That is a ten for one deal for those riding bitch without a safety helmet. That could be a real expensive ticket for the state to enforce and try in court. During Jessie's Constitutional workshop presentation he elaborated in much more details about the constitution of our nation and several states including North Carolina and Tennessee. He also examined the helmet laws of Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. I have plenty of homework to do now but I expect to have a lot of fun this summer as a direct result!

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