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ABATE of SC Biker Lobby Day 2007

Bikers Lobby to Scavenge What is Left of Their Rights

Article and photos by FastFred Ruddock

The bikers of South Carolina answered ABATE’s call to action and attended the opening day of the legislature in record numbers. Over 100 bikers lined up waiting to get in the statehouse before the doors opened at 9 AM. Bikers from every corner of South Carolina participated and most of them rode their bikes to the capitol despite temperatures hovering just above freezing. More bikers continued to arrive until just before noon.

Bikers who took part in the lobby day scavenger hunt received special patches as testimony to their dedication to the cause of biker rights. This year the press and legislators were aware of the scavenger hunt and several made special requests to be involved prior to the opening day. The Charleston Post and Courier reported about 100 bikers took part in this year’s “Legislative Warrior Day” and mentioned this is just part of our thirty year tradition of lobbying.

Representative Mac Toole met with ABATE of SC members throughout the day and has promised to remove all motorcycle language from his gang bills. The credit for this success belongs to all members of ABATE who actively lobbied together on opening day. Billy “Reb” Richards walked the halls of the Senate and lobbied hard to address the problem of traffic sensors that fail to detect motorcycles. Reb’s efforts led to the correction of many defective sensors last year and more success are likely to follow his effort again this year.

After a hard morning’s work members of ABATE gathered at the Flying Saucer for lunch, awards, and scavenger hunt prizes. Everyone was greatly impressed with the brotherhood, unity, and record turnout for this year’s opening lobby day. Kim “Snowflake” Stanley won first prize in our scavenger hunt while a newcomer father and son team, Ralph and Aaron Bell, won second place. However there are no losers in the effort to defend our common lifestyle and rights as bikers.

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