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Little Bradley Falls May 21, 2006

By FastFred

Little Bradley Falls are located on Cove Creek upstream from the Big Bradley Falls in Holbert Cove. The best or rather safest access is located across Holbert Cove Road and Cove Creek from the Big Bradley Falls parking and trail head. The parking area for the Bradley Water Falls is located on the right just over 3 miles from I-26; if you cross Cove Creek you went too far. ...

Big Bradley Falls Parking

Little Bradley Falls Trail Head

On the trail

Ruins along the way ...

Holbert Cove Ruin

Little Bradley Falls

Little Bradley Falls

Little Bradley Falls

Little Bradley Falls

Little Bradley Falls

The cathedral ceiling

Pillar to the gods

Ruins at noon

Alternate steep access path

Yet another potential trail head

The path is moderately long but not very steep of difficult. You do have to cross a few small springs and creeks feeding Cove Creek. Alway keep the Cove Creek in sight. Once you cross Cove Creek the path becomes easier and few ruins may come into view. I climbed to the top of the falls but would not recommend the climb to others. The leaves are too dense to take good photos from above. On the way down from the top I pass several interesting creatures but the slope was too steep to allow pause enough for a photo. The only thing that could have made this hike better would have been some to share it with. I figured this was motorcyckle related since I rode my bike further than I hiked to get there.

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