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New Landrum ABATE of SC Chapter

Photos and article by FastFred Ruddock

This weekend I rode to Landrum to meet with Michael "High Roller" Crew. Michael and Lee are forming a new ABATE of SC Chapter called N. West S.C. If you live in Landrum or the Lake Bowen area please consider contacting them and getting involved. Michael can be reached at 457-6771. Along the ride up to Landrum I stopped by Papas & Beer to meet with my friend's in the Buncombe County CBA Chapter and enjoy great Mexican food. Their plans for the Hot Springs Motorcycle Weekend are in high gear make your plans now to attend from June 22 to June 24, 2007.

Michael and Lee
Michael and Lee took me by several of the local biker hangouts around Lake Bowen and even signed up new members. As evening approached we rode to Warlocks party and games. The games included the axe throw, slow race, and 70 foot drag race. Michael won the slow race. A live band played in the evening and we were allowed to present legislative information about the gang bill and other items of interest to those present.

To show I still have a sense of humor and it is only about choice: I rode all the way across South Carolina wearing a full face helmet. However once I reached Saluda, NC I did not wear a helmet for the duration of the weekend. When I ride I decide!

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