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CBA Strategic Planning & Slider Gilmore

Photos and article by FastFred Ruddock, March 31, 2007

CBA/ABATE of NC held a Strategic Planning Meeting and Slider Gilmore's Accident Scene Management on the same day. Cliff, Missy, and I attended this double header event. Randy Norris the President of CBA did a fine job teaching everyone about strategic planning. Many important topics were covered including the new budgeting process CBA has adopted. ABATE of SC has recently also begun to adopt a similar practice.

Following the strategic planning Slider Gilmore presented his workshop on accident scene management. This workshop by SLider is a must see for every biker. I have seen him present this workshop more than once but I still learn new things each time. ABATE of SC would be wise to invite him to a large gathering in the future.

Randy Norris

Buncombe CBA and Slider

Mike Hodges

FF and his broken belt drive

The ride to the meeting was interesting. I rode lidless through Charlotte before dark on my way to Greensboro. Cliff and Missy met me there about an hour after my arrival. In the morning we rode to Asheboro to attend the meeting again I rode lidless in spite of the North Carolina helmet law. After the day's workshops many of us rode to Stagebrush to share brotherhood and spend some more time with Slider. We had some interesting conversations. Mike Hodges wore his famous leather hat and although we passed several cops neither of us were stopped or ticketed.

After eating I was planning to take back roads to Columbia but Cliff and Missy convinced me to ride to Charlotte instead. This turned out to be a wise decision. We rode to a local biker watering hole where we spoke with local bikers and left some ABATE newsletters. It was interesting many of the local bikers did not know about NC's new helmet bill currently in committee. The next morning I got up early to ride to Columbia to meet with Ralph and Bad Bob. However my final drive belt broke before I could even move my bike. Jeff Coleman saved the day and took me back to Charleston. Thank you Jeff!

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