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Pigeon River: Kayaking the Dirty Bird June 14, 2008

Photos, video, article by FastFred Ruddock

Rick Lamb and Scott Sarrells met me in the Green River Cove and we rode to the Walters Plant located at 1251 Waterville Road at the state line. Shortly after arrival the siren sounded and the water began to flow. Rita and Tim met us at the put in. There were many rafts and rafters clogging the put in. The notable features of this run from Walters Plant to the bridge at Hartford Tennessee include: Lost Guide, Hawaii Five-O, and Accelerator. There were plenty of large standing waves and souseholes. There was some carnage on this trip but I stayed upright and ran all the fun lines. We had 15 boats in our group. This run is quick enough to run twice with a dedicated group of serious paddlers.

This Week's Video

This Week's Photos

North Carolina State Line

Walters Plant

Rick Lamb

Waiting for the shuttle runners

Above the put in




Fast boogie water

Mid trip break at Lost Guide

Regrouping after a swim at 5-O

More information about this section of the Pigeon River

American Whitewater - NWRI - Pigeon 1. Walter's Power Plant at Waterville to Bridge at Hartford

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