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FU Memorial Patch

This is a limited single run patch honoring the memory of our dear friend and fellow prankster Fred "FU" Uibel. This patch was designed and funded by fellow members of SC BOLT (Bikers of Lesser Tolerance).

Fred "FU" Uibel; USN; BOLT; ABATE; GRCMMCC; 8/16/1960 - 11/21/2007; RIP FU
Actual size of patch is 4" x 3"

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Fred Uibel was affectionately known as FU by his many biker friends in Charleston, South Carolina, North Carolina, and beyond. He served honorably in the USN for 20 years. He also donated much time, effort, and funds to ABATE of SC and served as the Charleston County Coordinator. FU was also among the first to take part in the lidless WNC rides that lead to the creation of SC BOLT. He co-founded GRCMMCC and created the acronym that stands for the Green River Cove Motorcycle Manson Camping Complex. The pirate flag and "$3" in the eye sockets denote his playful troll act played out on the Green River in the spring and summer: "Give me $3 to pass!" Other acts of street theater took place at many locations including the state capitol.

"$3 to Pass the Green River Troll!"

Order your patch in memory of Fred "FU" Uibel today once they are gone this page will be taken down and there will be no more available...

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